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Our Vision

Our vision is to help artist, musicians, and song writers get there music into the digital marketplace. We are here to help the independent creative person get into a worldwide music distribution economy.

Our talented team

We have a talented team of professionals ready to speak with you today regarding your music project. We can assist during every stage of your musical project to the point were we release it into the digital marketplace.


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The Story Behind the Bassman

Here is the Bassman Records story; as a child, I always had a dream of becoming a recording artist. Music was a large part of our family. I am one of 10 children and just about everyone in the family either sings or plays a musical instrument. In fact, my uncle Leon Hamner sang with a quartet group back in the late 1970's called "The Golden Aires" and other relatives have been on the Cincinnati airwaves over the years.

I started my first "boy band" singing group in the earlier 1980's called the "Beginning" but we broke up when I moved to California in the late 1980's. My dear friend and fellow musician Myron Walton encouraged me to start Bassman as a way to promote local musicians, singers, and songwriters and in March 2005, it came alive. Myron lost his fight to cancer in April of 2009 but my colleagues at IODA have encouraged me to keep Bassman alive. And now, things are starting to get busy again!