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Rapper / Producer / Audio Engineer

B-Jada"The Bay Area is known for developing musically universal acts that defines and redefines what it means to be successful in the hip-hop industry and culture. Too Short, E-40 and ProHoeZak are just a few of the names that come to mind. In particular, the Bay Area is known in the music industry for creating self-starters-hustlers that take their destiny into their own hands. Part of this is related to the natural talent and intelligence that comes out of the Bay Area in every genre of music, technology development and education. Another part of that is the work ethic, or hustle instilled in members of the Bay Area due to their past as innovators and inventors, as well as just being an under-appreciated tradition. Rapper/Producer/Audio Engineer B-Jada, one of the Bay Area’s most stand-out emcee’s is no exception and will be very hard to ignore.

Born in the Bay Area, California, B-Jada (James Earl Alexander Jr.) was raised by his mother and step-dad in a inner-city called East Palo Alto which was the murder capitol in 1993. He was intrigued by music very early in life becoming fascinated with hip-hop in the early 90‘s as the west-coast began it’s dominance with artists such as Snoop Doggy Dogg, Dr.Dre, Ice Cube, DJ Quick & Tupac Shakur just to name a few. He began writing lyrics of his own by age 11 and would continue to dabble with writing, tampering with the idea of becoming a rapper over the next several years but was still crafting his skills as rapping was just a hobby at the time.

After high school, music became more of a reality and after discovering Sony Playstations' "MTV Music Generator," a video game which was equivalent to a music production workstation, B-Jada began writing, producing and recording what would become his first project entitled, "Rap Skillz". "Rap Skillz" was released in the summer of 2003. B-Jada hustled tirelessly over the next year selling as many cd’s of "Rap Skillz" (hand-to-hand) that he could moving over 1,000 units with no major promo although the album’s 1st single entitled, “Spit Fire”(Produced by: ProHoeZak) did garner several spins on the Bay Area’s main urban radio station, 106.1 KMEL JAMS as a result of the 2004 "Bay Area Big Shot" competition. At the same time, B-Jada began making moves to improve his live performance, working tirelessly to get shows wherever he could and taking any gig that was available. His work as a performer began to pay off as he along with group member Nutt(G.T.A.) emerged as winners of the NY/LA Music and Film Festival showcase.

In 2002 B-Jada and childhood friend Nutt formed a group called G.T.A.(Garden Town Affiliates) and after the "Rap Skillz" movement, the next step for B-Jada was to get the G.T.A. movement off the ground. G.T.A. had minor success over the next several years doing shows, receiving press (interview in "XXXplosive Magazine" publication, interview on Bay Area TV show "YoTV," etc) and working hard on their debut album entitled, "Da Paperwork Project." Unfortunately the album was never released but the duo did release a mixtape in 2008 entitled “Da Exhibition” via their myspace page. "Da Exhibition Mixtape" was a pre-album/promo mixtape to generate buzz for "Da Paperwork Project".

In addition, B-Jada was passionately involved with the community and youth providing guidance and hip-hop instruction to students at the Riekes Center in Menlo Park,Ca.

In 2009, B-Jada along with another childhood friend, Dave Bush, decided to collaborate on a album that would later be entitled, "Da Jada-Bush Experiment." With the help of their manager D-Know, they were able to garner somewhat quick success performing at clubs from the Bay(Toons) to Hollywood(Club Mood). B-Jada & Dave Bush performed at a music industry conference in spring 2009 called “PPR 101” which was a competition of artist performances judged by industry professionals such as MTV rep Jayson Rodriguez, BET 106 & Park Wildin-Out-Wednesday’s senior writer Pat Charles and others. B-Jada and Dave Bush emerged as one of the winning acts of the competition and were invited to perform at the 2009 “Blaze The Stage” competition in New York as well as BET’s 106 & Park.

B-Jada and Dave Bush once again came away as one of the winning acts of the hip-hop category from the "Blaze The Stage" competition being chosen by Bad Boy producer Amadeus as winners. However, B-Jada was dealt an industry blow as unfortunately, the senior writer for 106 & Park’s Wildin-Out-Wednesdays notified the duo that their performance at "Blaze The Stage" while solid, wasn’t a good fit for the show. Nonetheless B-Jada persevered and he & Dave Bush released a mixtape entitled, "Tha Hypothesis." The lyrically-driven mixtape is an ode to the golden-era of hip-hop using beats from Run-DMC, Beastie Boys & more.

In early 2010 B-Jada introduced his alter ego, Jimmy Alex, to the net releasing "Tha David Ruffin LP" which displays a more melodic, R&B side of B-Jada a.k.a. Jimmy Alex. After a moderate response from "Tha David Ruffin LP," B-Jada quickly returned to emceeing. Enter BloodSport.

In the summer of 2010, B-Jada released "BloodSport Mixtape" via his social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, MySpace. etc). On BloodSport, B-Jada demonstrates his lyrical prowess, spewing venomous lyrics at the competition with the underlying message of the tape being that hip-hop is a competitive sport. "Currently hip-hop is in a state of 'emo-rap' so BloodSport is just a mixtape to bring balance and a competitive edge back to rap." B-Jada generated a significant buzz with the release of "BloodSport Mixtape," promoting the tape through releasing a plethora of visuals from songs on BloodSport at a rapid pace. The project's 1st single entitled "Like That" received airplay on numerous online and college radio stations(805radio.com, ozcatradio.com, KCSB 91.9-Santa Barbara) and can be purchased on iTunes. In the spring of 2011 B-Jada began promoting the single "Like That" via TV commercial spots on BET!

In the fall of 2011, B-Jada released the follow up to "BloodSport" and his most revered project yet entitled, "King James Mixtape." On "King James" B-Jada refers to himself as the self-proclaimed king of rap. B-Jada once again lyrically dismantles the competition while also showing more of his complete song writing ability versus just freestyle raps throughout the entire tape.

Currently B-Jada is on a relentless promo campaign for "King James Mixtape" while working on the follow up to King James, the second installment of BloodSport entitled, "BloodSport Mixtape Vol.2." B-Jada is also working on production for numerous artists under the production alias B-Jada Snax while keeping his presence as a live performer prevalent and continuously working on future projects. The public can look forward to a summer 2012 release of B-Jada's BloodSport Vol.2!