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Tyler Hamner

Trombone / Singer

tyler hamnerAbsolutely the youngest member of Bassman Records is Tyler Hamner age 9. We sat down with Tyler for a brief interview after a grand performance during the 8th Annual Youth and Music Convention of the House of God International.

His first instrument was a fiery Red Electric Guitar. Family members on both side have deep roots with stringed instruments; so he thought that it would be fun. Later after hearing a group called the Levites, he decided that trombone was the instrument of choice. The first trombone that his parents purchased was a used one made by Bundy. Later, this trombone was stolen; however, it did not discourage Tyler from continuing his love for this instrument.

Tyler enjoys all types of music including Gospel, Jazz, Dixieland, and music with lots of brass. These genres can be heard when you listen to him play. He has been playing now for a total of three (3) years. One of his early influences was Kim West and the House of God Levites band in Los Angeles California. Later, he begin to listen to Gershom Morrison, John P Kee, House of Prayer Shout Bands, and others.