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Our Vision

Our vision is to help artist, musicians, and song writers get there music into the digital marketplace. We are here to help the independent creative person get into a worldwide music distribution economy.

Our talented team

We have a talented team of professionals ready to speak with you today regarding your music project. We can assist during every stage of your musical project to the point were we release it into the digital marketplace.

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Unrivaled Distribution Network

Global Reach: Bassman Records international team operates in the world’s top music markets, with established operations in San Francisco, New York, London, Tokyo, Paris, Stockholm, Barcelona and Johannesburg.

Strong Partner Relationships: Leveraging years of industry relationships and Sony Music’s influence and reach, IODA’s digital music, video and mobile partner network gives Bassman Records the widest reach of any digital distributor in the world.

Local Partner Expertise: Benefiting from local partners, their market knowledge and deep relationships, IODA’s partnership network in emerging international markets that allows Bassman Records to continue to grow. Collaboration with the leading independent music companies in Brazil, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Singapore helps Bassman Records international team stay abreast of industry trends and market opportunities.

Result-Driven Account Management & Marketing

Industry Experience: IODA’s Account Management team is culled from top marketing, business development and legal executives at leading digital service providers, independent and major labels. Their talent, personal connections and years of experience help service partners optimize their content while simultaneously helping IODA clients achieve their goals.

Skilled Digital Marketers: Combining the industry’s brightest technology marketing experts with deep experience promoting music in the digital age, Bassman Reocrds offers a full slate of marketing and partnership opportunities to clients that spans retail, mobile and online promotion. In order to maximize the impact, exposure and visibility of new releases and catalog across channels, Bassman Records collaborates closely with its digital service partners, ensuring optimal results for clients’ marketing campaigns.

Focus on Analytics: Utilizing the Rightsholder Dashboard’s state of the art reporting and analytics suite, IODA’s Account Management team closes the gap between hype and sales. With an obsessive focus on sales analytics, IODA helps labels stay informed of the most effective and lucrative strategies for the digital release of their priority records.